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Association for the Protection of Elephants Ecosystem in Laos

Association law 1901 created in 2021

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Who are we?

APEEL was born out of an urgent need to save and protect a vital yet endangered ecosystem of a species that has been abused and is threatened with extinction in the short term: The Asian elephant. We also support and assist the rehabilitation of elephants in their natural environment after years of hardship.

Our engagements

We want to take action, but also to make the public aware of the urgency of the situation and the need to safeguard this ecosystem, and thus convince them to actively support us in its protection. Protecting the environment of Asian elephants is essential for their survival, and is only possible by involving the efforts of the local population.

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Protecting the ecosystem and its diversity

By safeguarding vast wilderness areas and its unique biodiversity


Combating against the exploitation of Asian elephants

By giving them a new life in their natural environment


Combating against illegal deforestation

By putting an end to poachers' access to this natural environment

Our Actions

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Raising awareness & taking actions

Executing campaigns to raise awareness on human pollution and its impact on biodiversity through workshops and clean-up actions in the Pakbeng region, and on the banks of the Mekong River in Northern Laos.

Support us


Carry out awareness-raising actions near you, collect donations, join APEEL, or get your company involved in the initiative.

Make a donation

You can protect an endangered species and its habitat from today by making a donation online.

Raise awareness

Spread the word about the situation of Asian elephants and the importance and urgency of protecting their living environment.


Follow news about us and the environment

Intervention in the primary school of Quarouble, in the North.

18th January 2022

We spent the day meeting all the pupils of the primary school of Quarouble in the North, presenting our project, and introducing them to Laos: its biodiversity and its people through videos and a Q&A session with Wendy. All this was made possible thanks to Marie Petit, the headmistress of the school, who has been following the Mekong Elephant Park with her class for several months now.


Contact us

APEEL: Association for the Protection of the Elephants Ecosystem in Laos.


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