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Our engagements

Ecological awareness:

To promote, guide, and encourage the association's missions in a way that limits our impact on the planet.


Team spirit and solidarity:

Working with people from different backgrounds, helping each other, and allow all those involved in the project to flourish.


Protecting the ecosystem and its biodiversity

It is essential to protect vast wild spaces, refuges for large fauna and home to an extraordinary biodiversity, in which the Asian elephant is a key species. They play a key role in the renewal of forests, creates watering holes and shelters for other species (by digging with their trunks or in their footprints), or helps fight fires by "weeding" the undergrowth.

Fighting against the exploitation of elephants

Many logging industries and tourist spots in Asia have been exploiting elephants for decades. APEEL, in addition to striving to safeguard the elephants’ ecosystem, wants to rehabilitate them by offering a new life in their natural habitat. We support the work of the Mekong Elephant Park, which is buying them back from their owners and putting an end to their suffering.


Combating against illegal deforestation

By ending poachers' access to this natural space and offering them a financial alternative. The forest of Laos has decreased from 70% of its territory in the 1940s to just over 40% in the early 2000s. Primary forests now represent only 3% of the country. The Laotian government hopes to restore 70% of its forest area by 2030. It is important for APEEL to fight alongside them.

Respecting and
involving the locals

It is of course essential to respect the Laotian culture and the integrity of its inhabitants. We move forward together with the locals and their ancestral knowledge of the forest and the elephants. Without this, nothing would be possible.

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