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Here you will find news about APEEL and articles about the protection of elephants, nature, and biodiversity in Laos, and the impact of humans on its environment.

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Intervention in the primary school of Quarouble, in the North.

18th January 2022

We spent the day meeting all the pupils of the primary school of Quarouble in the North, presenting our project, and introducing them to Laos: its biodiversity and its people through videos and a Q&A session with Wendy. All this was made possible thanks to Marie Petit, the headmistress of the school, who has been following the Mekong Elephant Park with her class for several months now.

We were in Arêches, Savoie!

7th January 2022

Our Vice-President Wendy was in Arêches, Savoie, on Friday 7 January 2022 at 8pm for the screening of the film "Animal" directed by Cyril Dion, to present our association to the public and answer their questions about biodiversity after the session.


The Mekong Elephant Park, harmony and sharing in Laos

26th April 2019

Laos: Efforts to preserve biodiversity continue

17th July 2020

Dam collapse in Laos, hundreds missing

24th July 2018

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